The Lovers


FOR Per/Use

Making connections, establishing bonds, acknowledging kinship, tapping inner energy.
The Lovers
represents the attractive force that draws any two entities together in a relationship.

The urge for union is powerful, and when these two mouth-blown glass shades find each other –like lovers do– that same urge, in its highest form, takes them beyond themselves to emit light together. The Lovers expresses duality between release and protection. Through the union, great light is revealed.

Light fills all available space. Like true love, it does not seek anything in return. It gives of itself freely and is not thereby diminished.

The Lovers is a collection of pendant lights which can also be used as table or floor lights and they are available in two different sizes (height 40cm Ø 38.5cm - height 25cm Ø 24cm) and multiple colors (clear, amber, red, ultramarine and smoke grey).