FOR Gent Glas

If the utilitarian glass was conquered by the industrial production, the artistic glass sector keeps showing great vitality. Glass blowers are among the most creative and dynamic craftsmen, and the new generations use traditional methods to produce unique contemporary pieces.

Tribute is the result of collaboration between Frederik Delbart and Gent Glass –an international collective of glassblowers based in Ghent—, in which the centenary activity is addressed with a contemporary approach. In this creation Frederik Delbart contemplates and evidences introspection, playing with shades and transparency, with the delicacy and roughness, declining a mysterious and enigmatic universe where the fragility of glass finds its support on the iron structure.

The respectful dialogue between art, design and know-how made this project possible, in which light becomes sculptural piece.

Glass spheres and ironwork used on Tribute are made at Gent Glass workshop.