MIRA is a mirror inspired in the well-known bullseye shooting target, whose shape was translated with elegance into this contemporary and functional design.

A reinterpretation of the structure that typically frames most mirrors is what makes MIRA appear to be detached from the wall and gain the presence of a decorative object. With a simple system consisting of a removable leg behind the wooden frame you can make the mirror a stand-alone element perched on the floor. When not using the leg, MIRA can be hung to the wall in two ways: disposed as a + or as an X.

MIRA comes in three different sizes (diameters of 30cm, 60cm and 90cm) and in three different finishes (natural oak with silver mirror; black oak with black mirror; dark brown oak with bronze mirror), creating a collection of 9 varieties.

The name "MIRA" is a Spanish terms that means both "target" and the verb “to look” in its imperative form.

Assistant : Katarzyna Koninska.